Sometimes we all want to be in the know. It’s not exactly fun having to hear information second hand that would have an effect on you. So why let that happen? BCB has created a Club Liaison Network so we can connect with you easily. What is the purpose and how does it work? The purpose of the network is to connect with every lawn bowls club in Canada to give them information that will be pertinent to them. How it works is simply having every club in Canada designate a member with an email address to join the Club Liaison Network and give the information they receive to the rest of the club.

How else would your club benefit from having a member in the Club Liaison role? Your Club Liaison has a direct line to Bowls Canada. They can ask all the questions that you and your club members have. We want to make sure that we are as connected as possible with bowlers and clubs across the country because the sport is ready to expand in Canada. We want to make sure clubs are ready for Safe Sport, have certified coaches, and find ways to expand their club with innovative programs.

Bowlers across the country have let us know that most of the members at their club don’t really know about some of the products and services that BCB offers. Do all of your members know about the videos we created? Is your club aware that we offer free promotional brochures for every club in Canada? Has your club heard about our Learn to Bowl resources? By designating someone as a Club Liaison, your club can learn about all of this and more.

How is this different from subscribing to the newsletter or following BCB on social media? The major difference is that many of the articles in our newsletter are just that: news. The Club Liaison Network is intended to provide clubs with information that will be necessary for them to not only survive, but thrive, going forward. Have a question about how to get your coaches certified? Don’t fully understand what Safe Sport means? Need some ideas on how to develop a new program? The Club Liaison Network is your opportunity to learn and ask questions from BCB as opposed to just reading up on what’s new This Week in Bowls. Bowls Canada Boulingrin’s vision is bringing Canadians together through bowls and it all starts with you, the clubs. If your club is ready to designate someone as your Club Liaison, send us an email at