This post was written by Dave Allen from the Preston Lawn Bowling Club, who recently discovered FlipGive and it’s potential to raise money for the club. Read on to learn how to fund your club while you do your Christmas shopping.

Looking for free money for your club? Look no further than FlipGive. FlipGive is a team funding app that simplifies raising money for sports teams, schools, community groups and of course your bowls club. You earn cash back by buying the things you need to get anyway, and are paid whenever someone shops online at a participating location.

With COVID-19 shut downs, many of your club members (and their family and friends) will probably be purchasing Christmas gifts online. Whether it’s gift cards to restaurants, or actual products from stores, there are many ways people spend money online, so why not get some money for your club while they do it?

Here’s how the program works: First, you’ll need to setup your team (i.e. bowls club) on FlipGive. Once you have your team created on FlipGive, visit and select which store you’d like to buy from (Amazon, Walmart, Uber-Eats, etc.). There are hundreds of companies to choose from, with more being added daily. Once you’ve selected the company you want to buy from, you’ll be transferred to that company’s site, and a percentage of your purchase will be returned to your bowls club. The percentage you club will receive varies from company-to-company; for example, at the time of writing this, Hudson’s Bay is giving 3%, while Under Armour is giving 12%.

I heard about this program from a member of our club, the Preston Lawn Bowling Club. I then signed us up. While we only have about 10 members who have decided to participate, we are still getting some “free” money. You may initially laugh when you buy something and get a message that you have earned $1.25 for your club, but it does add up. Our small group at Preston LBC has made over $300.

The more people who use FlipGive through your club, the more money your club can receive. It’s free to use, free to setup, and there’s no limit to how many people can participate – why not get your members to help your club out this season when they do their holiday shopping?

Go to to learn more.

**And for Ontario residents, the Coaches Association of Ontario has partnered with FlipGive to match your first $100! Click here to learn more (but make sure you use this link to register your team – otherwise you’ll miss out on that matching $100).

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