Having guest authors on the blog has allowed us to share different perspectives and experiences and give the spotlight to many different bowlers. We want to officially extend an invitation to try your hand at writing and be featured on the Biased Bowls blog. If you have a topic that interests you, a personal experience that others might relate to, some tricks of the trade or something your club is really great at, put it in writing and send it our way! The possible topics are endless and we want to give you a national voice. Here’s how you can submit a blog:

1. Submit the blog post in Microsoft Word format to communications@bowlscanada.com with “Blog Submission” as the subject line and we encourage you to include at least two photos.

2. Complete this form to declare agreement to the terms and that permission has been received to share the included photos.

3. BCB Communications will review the post, make any edits and changes as necessary and inform the sender of these edits.

4. Once the final version has been approved, BCB Communications will send the post to translation, add it to the publishing schedule and inform the sender of when they can expect to see it on the blog. *Note: BCB uses an external translator and cannot guarantee the accuracy of the translated document.


When submitting a blog post, make sure you complete the following:

The blog post has been submitted to communications@bowlscanada.com in Microsoft Word format with “Blog Post Submission” as the subject line

At least two photos have been included in the email with the blog post

This form has been filled out.

I am prepared to respond promptly with my approval of any edits or changes.

Thank you for your consideration in getting involved with the Biased Bowls blog and helping to grow the sport of bowls in Canada!