It’s been quite a year for bowlers in Canada.  With limited opportunities to travel lately, Mary and Mel Forster of Victoria, British Columbia sent some fond memories to share with the BiasedBowls Blog.   

In addition to visiting family and friends overseas, Mary and Mel enjoy a roll-up and a game or two at local bowling clubs when travelling abroad. They also enjoy capturing extraordinary signs and sights. While we’re all waiting to safely travel again, we can enjoy this montage of photos from their past lawn bowling tours.

Roolling-up in Australia is a lot of fun!
Indeed! Many friends were made at this bowlo* in New South Wales.
*Australian slang for a bowling and community club.
Note the fine print! You can see in the next photo why some clubs in New Zealand had to apologize for the weather.
Say no more! This club in New Zealand has a good sense of humor.
Obviously, bowls polish is a no-no on artificial surface, Queensland.
Elaborate scoreboard in New Zealand.
Elaborate scoreboard in Albufeira, Portugal.
Soaring high, to scare off birds from making a mess on the green at a club in Melbourne.
Great view of a “ship” floating in the air, Singapore.
Got to throw this in for good cheer! Nostalgic bar in Albufeira, Portugal, owned by a Canadian.
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