Greens Maintenance Tips By Charles Roach, Burlington LBC

Charles Roach

This article appeared previously in “Extra Ends”

By Charles Roach


This article is based on greens that have good turf cover all over the green. If you have bare patches you should be attending to these first either by using plugs in small spots or seeding if the areas are a bit larger. If the areas are too large for either of these repairs you will have to sod the bare areas.

Once you have established good turf cover, there are two areas you should be looking at to improve the speed of your greens.



If you have not achieved the speed of your green that you want, try verticutting.  Do this at least once every two weeks until the thatch is removed.   If you followed the suggestions at the beginning of the article take care that you avoid going over any of the repaired spots when verticutting. Removing the thatch will also allow the water and fertilizer to get to the root system of your turf.  Roots should be reaching a depth of 8-9 inches.


At this time of year we are in our best growing season. (The longer the grass the slower the green.) You should be mowing 3 times a week minimum. Lower the blades weekly. If you started at ¼ of an inch the next week lower the blades to 7/32” and the third week to 5/32”. You can keep the blades at this level for the year.  Remember that the clippings should be removed as you mow. These clipping will become thatch if you leave them on your green


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