I am Zach, A 15 year old visually impaired youth from Calgary. Recently this summer on the weekend of July 10th I participated in the Albertan junior bowls provincials in Edmonton. I had some truly amazing games that day and am thankful to Highlands Lawn Bowling Club for putting on the event and allowing me to participate. Despite my sight, my director (also known as my mother) and I participated fully in the event with the power of a few accomodations including a string across the green and measurement markers along the side to allow me to precisely know where my bowls landed. My director greatly assisted in knowing where to throw and the state of the game. The volunteer markers at the event did a great job of assisting me. They had to learn to mark for a visually impaired bowler with no notice and they all did a great job. I’d like to especially thank B2, commonly known as Bill, for his wonderful marking.

At times it was tough when my eyes tired out on the second day but we perceveired. It was a great experience that allowed me to meet new people. Everyone at the event was very kind and willing to accommodate me. All of my opponents showed grace and understanding of my situation on the field and the club was an incredibly welcoming environment. Calgary Lawn, my home club, was what allowed me to participate in this event to my fullest. Their efforts to integrate me into their community. Their efforts are what grated me the opportunity to join in lawn bowling just like everyone else.

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Chris Dyer · August 4, 2022 at 5:06 pm

Hi , I’m so very impressed with all site impaired Bowlers and so very happy you enjoy the game also very happy you were treated as an equal to the club, please continue so inspire others

Chris Dyer

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