The Belonging in Bowls program is a great way to develop as well as get great rewards like marketing resources to help you promote your club! We interviewed three clubs who have finished the program for their thoughts and experiences. Hear about Trenton Lawn Bowling Club’s experience below!

  1. Can you provide an example of how your club used or implemented the Safe Sport Foundation program (can be in general, or specific to one component of the program)?

This program reinforced with our members the concept of safe sport, inclusiveness, and the need for kindness and respect towards one another. For example, acceptance by the membership as a whole to sign the pledge sheet. A club Safety Officer position was created and filled. The Safety Officer is responsible for resolving any conflicts and implementing the new Safe Sport policies. The Safe Sport Foundation policies reinforced the necessity of playing the sport in a fashion that encourages fair play and stresses the importance of activities that could result in injury.

2. What were some of the benefits that you experienced during or after completing the program?

Completing and implementing this initiative demonstrated our commitment to the BiB policy statements, both within the club membership and the lawn bowling community. We expect the new marketing plan will attract and retain new members. A framework was established through the Safe Sport Foundation to ensure everyone in the sport of lawn bowling is able to enjoy the sport. Also, after editing and implementing the various policy statements, we have a framework to resolve any problems that may arise.

3. In your opinion, what were 2-3 of the most important learnings or outcomes of the BiB program? 

The support of the membership to willingly sign the commitment pledge sheet, the recognition of this accreditation both within our club and the lawn bowling community.

The policy statements provide a clear, consistent framework to be used as a reference and implement when resolving or managing problematic or possibly dangerous situations. By posting the policy statements, our membership is aware of what their responsibilities are and what remedies are available if a problem arises.

4. What were some challenges you encountered while working through the BiB program, and how did you overcome them? 

One of the challenges was introducing this new initiative to our members. This was accomplished through the President’s reports at our general meetings, written documentation, and posters that were put on bulletin boards and Facebook posts.

Another challenge was dealing with Sideline Learning. To overcome this problem, we simply decided not use the suggested products, but rather used a tracking system that worked best for us.

5. Did you use the rewards (marketing material, services, etc.) that were provided at the completion of each level in the program? If yes, how so?

Yes! The Facebook posts and posters were utilized. The video is scheduled for inclusion on our new website, which is in the process of being created. The marketing strategy was very informative, outlining different audiences, goals, and tactics. The BiB logo was posted at the clubhouse on any documentation pertaining to this program.

6. What is one piece of advice you would give to clubs starting or currently working through the program? 

I would suggest that the other clubs thoroughly review the requirements and benefits of the program and take it one step at a time until completion. Keeping the membership up to date is important as they work through the various levels is also important to ensure the membership’s commitment and awareness of the policy statements. 

7. Now that you have completed the program, what does Safe Sport mean to your club and members?

We believe that it means that everyone is committed to a common goal that benefits the club as a whole.

8. In your opinion, was the BiB Safe Sport Foundation program helpful in creating or reinforcing a safe, inclusive, welcoming, and fun environment at your club? If yes, how so? 

Yes! Successfully completing this program reinforced the need to ensure, through the implementation of the policy statements and pledge sheet, that our club is highly committed to providing a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment where people want to belong and stay. Our code of conduct empowers members and volunteers to act in a manner that reinforces this commitment.

Become a Belonging in Bowls Champion by promoting your club as fun, safe and welcoming !

The Safe Sport Foundation promotes the sport of Bowls as a welcoming, inclusive, safe, and fun game for all by encouraging clubs to implement policies, procedures, and practices that align. BCB has created templates that your club can easily use and/or customize. The program also helps your club develop through resources such as promotional and marketing material and consultations with Bowls Canada staff. The program begins with the Safe Sport Foundation, which has 3 levels and by completing simple steps toward being a safer and more inclusive club, your club can receive professionally developed social media posts and ads, a credit to boost these ads, and a promotional video and radio ad to attract new participants to their club. 

Visit this page or to register your club in the program, go to Register your Club Here

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